The Camissa Museum is a Project in Development

Camissa Museum has reserved space at the Castle of Good Hope where the physical museum is "In Development".

Within that space a mini display can be seen consisting of a Memory Column depicting the Seven Tributaries of Camissa Heritage. An introduction panel about the Camissa Museum Online, plus seven panels - one each for the Seven Tributaries as on this online museum website - is also exhibited. This mini display is open for visitation but it marks the site for the permanent physical museum which is a work in progress.

Memory column

Any organisation, business or individual who may want to support this project by making a financial donation – whether big or small, and nothing is too small, may donate to the Camissa Museum NPC by making a deposit through our online fundraising platform - Back-a-Buddy - which is also a non-profit platform which complies with all of the necessary due diligence measures to safely donate online.

Back-a-Buddy link for Camissa Museum

To donate,  you can click HERE and follow the instructions on the Back-a-Buddy website site.

  • The Camissa Museum NPC is a CIPC Registered Non-Profit Company Reg No: K2020679754
  • The Camissa Museum is also a recognised Public Benefit Organisation Reg No: 930071911
  • The Camissa Museum is SARS Compliant and recognised as a Tax Exempt Organisation Tax No: 9029100295

We are committed to maintaining due diligence, transparency and ensuring a corruption-free Non-Profit Sector.

We would particularly like to invite the Camissa African diaspora abroad in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Netherland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the USA and Canada who left South Africa because of the impact of Apartheid on their lives, to mobilise support for the Camissa Museum. We also would like to invite the many friends of the South African people who joined Anti Apartheid Movements in these countries to support us and other efforts working to transform South Africa’s public spaces and education system away from a deeply entrenched colonial and Apartheid culture. The struggle continues.

Here are the images on the Memory Column which is a tribute to the 195 streams of origin of Camissa Africans including a range of proud indigenous San and Khoe peoples whom colonialism and Apartheid labelled 'Coloured'.

Tributary 1 panel
Tributary 2 panel
Tributary 3 panel
Tributary 4 panel
Tributary 5 panel
Tributary 6 panel
Tributary 7 panel


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