A bookshelf full of books

Unlike many other museums we do not present with traditional academic quotations and references, but rather we tell stories that are backed by a range of resources to convey perspectives of historical exploration and we encourage you to do your own exploration and so share with you some of the reading that informs the Camissa Museum perspective.

The Camissa Museum is based on the research in the book "The Lie of 1652 – A de-colonised history of land (Tafelberg 2020)" which has over 500 references. Just a small section of those references can be found in the works on this bookshelf.

The stories are Her Stories, His Stories, Our Stories. It is the story of place and the story of soul connection and belonging. These stories are about loss of land and the loss of connectivity to roots.

These stories are also about people facing the greatest of adversities and crimes against humanity, and it is about the rise of the human spirit above adversity.

The Bookshelf presents a recommended library of books that you are encouraged to read with these themes in mind and affords you to explore and make up your own mind. There are many more books than in this showcase but these are a readable collection to which we will add as time goes by. Google the titles to see if they can be bought, are available to download online, or are in a library near you. The Bookshelf serves as a pointer to resource books for teachers and students.

The Bookshelf emphasizes that many have written about the subjects of the Camissa Museum, but it is a matter of fact that much of what the museum deals with, is unamplified, and hidden over by layers and layers of distortions and untruths.

Besides the great amount of published literature, and the painstaking research therein, there is also much unpublished enlightening research buried at universities, in archives and in databases, just waiting for new young enquiring minds to bring it to public view. Those of us who developed this Museum are primarily educators and heritage champions, thus this Bookshelf is also to thank the many researchers out there for the works they have provided us and that enables us to bring the past to present day audiences.

We will continue to add recommended titles to the Bookshelf. This does not mean that the Camissa Museum endorses all the views in every piece of literature. It simply suggests that there is valuable information and perspectives to be gleaned by distilling information within a broad body of literature.

One must always be discerning when looking at information because every work contains gems, contradictions, hypotheses and even myths and untruths, all just waiting to be challenged... and regardless to any claims to the contrary, all works have some ideological leanings through which we all have to navigate. There are many versions of the past – read them all... and you be the judge.

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