The Free Blacks originate across the same 105 locations of origin as the enslaved. They were either manumitted enslaved persons or freed convicts or had arrived in the Cape as free persons of colour. The term Black was used for any non-European person whether African, Indian, Southeast Asian, or Chinese or person of mixed ancestry inclusive of European admixture.

Free Blacks
- 105 Roots of Origin -

African Origins

West Africa

Cabo Verde; Guinea; Benin; Angola


East Africa

Mozambique; Tanganyika; Zanzibar; Kenya; Ethiopia



Toliary Province; Mahajanja Province; Antsirana Province; Toamasina Province



Mozambique Island Slaver Station and feeder countries – Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Congo and Zimbabwe

Indian Origins

Indian Sub-Continent

West Coast India; East Coast India; West Bengal; Bangladesh


Sri Lanka

Colombo, Galle

Asian Origins

Southeast Asia

Myanmar (Arakan/Rakhine); Laos; Siam (Thailand); Vietnam (Tonkin-Hanoi); Cambodia; Malaysia (Malacca); Kwangtung China; Singapore; Indonesia Archipelago; Philippines; Formosa (Taiwan); Deshima (Japan)


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