The Board of Directors of Camissa Museum NPC

In March 2022, the foundation team of Camissa Museum concluded its succession plan for the growth and further development of the Camissa Museum NPC. After reaching out to those who engaged in our public participation processes to ask for nominations from communities, a new Board of Directors and Chairperson have taken over the governance of the project. In handing over the baton of governance the Foundation Team is now disbanded and all previous positions relinquished. But as individuals its members continue to give advice and support to the new board and to the project.

Stephen Langtry
Board Chairperson
Accountable Public Representative
Calvyn Travers Gilfellan
Board Member
CEO Castle of Good Hope
Carmen de Vries
Board Member
Castle of Good Hope Board
Audit & Risk


Ncebakazi Fezeka Mnukwana
Board Member
Cape Culture Collective Board
African Musicologist
Igshaan Higgins
Board Member
Curator: Cape Muslim &
Slave Heritage Museum – Castle
Zelda Holtzman
Board Member
Tshisimani CEO


Ben Mwasinga
Board Member
SA Heritage Resources Agency
Heritage Manager: Built Environment
Ron Anthony Martin
Board Member
Khoe Heritage Champion/Tourism Entrepreneur
Curator SA First People's Museum Foundation
Laura Windvogel Molifi
Board Member
Curator: Artist
Children’s Monologues


Janine Van Rooy Overmeyer
Board Member
Singer, Writer, Performing Artist
Henriette Abrahams
Board Member
Bonteheuwel Development Forum


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