Shared Waters
Through the Shared Waters exchange project, you will explore you and your family’s journey to where you are today. The project will begin simultaneously in Amsterdam and in Cape Town. As you explore your personal histories, this will provide you with the opportunity to exchange stories and experiences and also create artistic works together with the young people in Amsterdam.
Young people in Amsterdam and Cape Town will explore their common histories in countries colonised by the Dutch and traded in by the VOC (The Dutch East India Company).
In a small group of peers, you will be guided by artists to creatively shape your search and findings.
We will combine the creation of visual art with forms of performative art, such as drawing, painting, photography or spoken word. You will work toward an artistic end product that will be the result of both groups working together. The works will be exhibited in Amsterdam as well as Cape Town.
Who you are:
  • You’re curious about your roots.
  • You enjoy expressing your creativity and meeting new people.
  • You have the time and capacity to commit to the programme.
  • You’re approximately between the ages of 12 and 16 years old.
If you are interested, please inform your parent(s), mentor or teacher, or feel free to reach out to the Camissa Museum directly. In conversation with you as well as other participants, we will agree upon dates for the programmes. There are limited places available, please register as soon as possible!
Applications now closed.
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